Sunday, January 13, 2013


We dwarfs are wasted on cross country! We're natural sprinters. Very dangerous over short distances.
~Gimli, from Lord and the Rings.
One of my favorite quotes.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I must say, I've been sleeping well. It's quite abnormal for me.

My sleeping habits are pretty good. I say goodnight to everyone around nine. I stay up reading, writing in a journal or something for a half hour to forty-five minutes. Then I turn off my lights and go to sleep.
But I don't drift to sleep for another half hour to hour at least. Maybe it's because I have so much in my head or what. But I just can't go to sleep. Of course I do go to sleep, have some weird dream, and I wake up at least once in the night. Then I have to fall back asleep again, which can sometimes take awhile. Then I wake up in the morning, not wanting to get out of bed.

But lately, even with my excitements and thinking in my head, I've been getting great sleep! It's the same till I try to go to sleep. Then I've been falling asleep in ten minutes. I still wake up once, but I go back to sleep in an instant. Then I wake up refreshed.

Maybe I'm still recovering from staying up till 1:30 on new years, but I still managed to get about nine hours of sleep (I didn't wake up till ten). Maybe because it's the new year, my habits are changing when i don't even realize it. Or maybe because I'm spending less time off screens, it's providing a more restful sleep. All I know is I'm enjoying it.

Friday, January 4, 2013


It's the new year! Happy 2013 everyone! We survived the apocalypse!......not that there ever was one.
Let's look at my year in review real quick

January-This was the month I got into birds. We had gone to the national aviary and it was awesome and it was hard for my parents to pull me away.

February-I can't really remember what happened at the beginning of 2012. It's a full year ago. I remember going camping which was fun.

March-I turned 14 this month which was big for me. To me, that was when I was an official teenager. My Mom's birthday was just two weeks after that.

April-Thursday Classes ended and I knew the next year I would return as a highschooler. I looked back at that year and I knew next year would be awesome.

May-I started to wrap up the school and we celebrated my sisters 13th birthday. We saw my grandparents and all my cousins for one last time before they moved to Japan.

June-This was big. I had gotten confirmed with all my friends. I felt like a grown up and that day was perfect. If I could go back and enjoy any day from my life from this past year, it would be the day I was confirmed.

July- We had the annual fourth of July party at my grandparents, and it's a good time because we're able to see people we normally don't get to see.

August-We got to go back to Pittsburgh one last time before school started to see the Pirates game, which was awesome. It's a beautiful city and I would love to live there someday.

September-We had our annual trip to Cape Cod, and I started my freshman year. I returned to Thursday Classes and it was nice to start seeing all my friends again and to make some new ones.

October-Hurricane Sandy struck and we were lucky. We didn't loose power, no flooding, and we managed to watch three movies. I prayed for those who were affected by the Hurricane.

November-I was struggling a bit with math but I started to get back on my feet with it. After the bonfire the last month, it felt good to be a part of CBA and be with such awesome people.

December-Christmas and New Years Eve. Lots of traveling going on and much joy. We ended school for winter break and we celebrated my Dad's birthday. I also wasted my whole last day of 2012 playing halo for ten hours straight. I said I'd try it for ten minutes, that was it. Once I started, I couldn't pull away. I was ashamed, but it was fun.

I'm determined to make this year great. I've resolved lest time on screens, and to improve my mental health so I can live happier. I'll be turning 15, finish my first year of high school and start my sophomore year. 2013 will be great.