Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Algebra. It's a funny thing. Everyone either loves it and never wants to stop doing it. Or they hate it and never want to see it again. I have to be the only person in the world who is a mix of the two. I like some parts of Algebra, but others parts not so much.
Right now I'm working on graphing the 'Algebra Way' and I'm enjoying that. But polynomials are a completely different story. I won't even get into that.
In arithmetic subtracting is subtracting. Easy. Algebra subtracting is adding a negitive. The problem is they just drop it on you without a warning. So then you get all confused.
And since when is 'x' and number? One minute, it's a letter. Next minute, it's a number. Not just a number, but a secret number. You have to figure it out so then here comes the adding a negitive again.
Algebra is confusing.


These guys truly love music and they enjoy playing. I can tell. This is a true master piece.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


February 28th, 2012. One week.
I spent too much time on screens I think. So I told myself  at the beginning of the year this: "Stop sitting in front of a glowing box and get outside in the sun!" I've been trying to get outside since but I haven't been that motivated. I know it's cold out. Personally, I'd rather been doing things outside when it's warmer than colder.
Yesterday was a perfect day, so I rode my bike around the block and did some sidewalk chalk. Today is colder, but I will be going outside.
To help keep me motivated I'm going post on Saturdays what I did each day of that week to get outside. The one exception is Thursday Classes. I have to be inside doing school and going from class to class, so I won't exactly get the chance to get outside. At least I'm not in front of a glowing box.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Date: February 27th, 2012. 8 more days.
We went to the big apple Friday morning-Saturday evening. It was a blast. Now, here are 20 fun things I want to do this spring.
1. Ride my bike as much as possible
2. Watch the birds fly by
3. Do more crafts
4.Write more books
5. Hang out with friends
6. Get chocolate, and LOTS of it
7. Stop coming up with book ideas until I catch up on writing
8. Get more chocolate
9. Hang out with the neighbors puppy
10. Study birds
11. Lay in the grass and look at the sky
12. Get a hamock
13. Get even more chocolate
14. Make some more videos
15. Collect more pins for my collection
16. Celebrate as many birthdays as possible
17. Draw and paint some more
18. Practice more softball and volleyball
19. See all my old neighoborhood friends again ( time to start convincing mom )
20. To live life

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Just 12 more days. 12 more days and it will be here. what you ask? My birthday. I'll be turning 14. It's quite exciting. I'm counting down the days since it won't be too far from now.
Between now and my birthday, I've got to get a cavity filled, go to a concert, and one thursday class in the mix of it all. Then March 6th will be here.
I collect button pins. I only wear two of them. The others live on my bulletin board. One of the two pins I actually wear is one that say's 'Rita's Birthday' on it, and I where every year on March 6th. I got when I was four I think, so that will be ten years of wearing it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


What should I give up for Lent? I can't think of anything. I thought of Dr. Pepper, but I didn't think that was a big enough sacrifice. Then I thought of chocolate...too big. I told my Dad I was going to give up folding laundry. He said 'No you're not'
So now I'm stuck. I don't know what I should give up. I'm thinking, thinking...I've got nothing.
My Dad is giving up sweets, My Mom is giving up ten pounds ;), and my sister is giving up candy. Hm....
While I'm thinking I'm eating a Hersey Kiss. Maybe I should give up chocolate...
Still thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The bucket list! Everyone makes one at some point in their life. So here's my bucket list.

1: Become a published author, with several well known books.
2: When my books gets published, I want for at least one of them to become a movie
3: Learn about bird biology and get a job at an aviary
4: Go to Colorado to see the mountains!
5: Go to Alaska during winter
6: Own a Pink Buggie
7: Star in one movie (maybe two)
So there you have it. As you know, you add more during life, so I'll defiantly add some more things to the list.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My dad isn't much of a Valentines Day person. He never really did anything on Valentines because he said "I can show I'm romantic everyday! Not just on Feb. 14th!" So there you have it.
We surprised my mom when he said he got reservations for 4 for Valentines day (I said four three times...hehe) It's going to be awesome. I love you dad!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Hunger Games is coming out the same day my dog died. How ironic is that!?!?
In The Hunger Games a lot of people die. There is a lot of blood and pain and saddness. It's coming out the same day my dog died. Seriously?!?!
I'm still going to see it, but it would have been better if The Hunger Games would come out a day or two later than it is coming out. grr...

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I remember tears streaming down your face When I said, I'll never let you go When all those shadows almost killed your light I remember you said, Don't leave me here alone But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight...

Just close your eyes The sun is going down You'll be alright No one can hurt you now Come morning light You and I'll be safe & sound...

Don't you dare look out your window darling; Everything's on fire The war outside our door keeps raging on Hold onto this lullaby Even when the music's gone, gone

Just close your eyes The sun is going down You'll be alright No one can hurt you now Come morning light You and I'll be safe & sound...

Oooooo, Oooooo, Oooooo, Oooooo Lala... Lala... Lala... Lala...
Oooooo, OooOoo, Oooooo, OooOoo Lala... Oh Lala...

Just close your eyes You'll be alright Come morning light, You and I'll be safe & sound...

Oooooo, OoooOooo, Oooooo, OoooOooo, Oooooo, OoooOooo, Oooooo, OoooOooo,
Oooooo, OoooOooo, Oooooo, OoooOooo...
The song from the Hunger Games. Called Safe & Sound. Can't wait for the movie.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Valentines Day is coming up. It's quite exciting. Although it will be quite boring for me. No one ever sends me anything. I don't like anyone in that way right now. I think someone may like me, but I have a big question. What is love?
1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
3. sexual passion or desire.
4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.
5. used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like
The defintion of love, but that's not what I meant.
How do you know when you're in love? What does it feel like? I don't know... I want to know what it's like! But I don't. So someone, what is love? How do you know when YOU'RE in love?
I'll know someday, but for now, I guess I'm fine with just not knowing. I'm only 13 after all. I still have plenty of time to find out. So for now I will wait.


Classes is normally the same except for the little surprises behind the corner, and there are a lot of them.
Guitar: I walked in and there were dividers and buckets on on side of the room so the table was vertical instead of horizontal. Mr. Abshire said it was like that when he came in. He asked how my week was, and I said pretty bad. We continued to work on bass lines.
Journalism: We got the middle school movement to put together. My two articles that made it in were My favorite winter activity and if vegetables could talk. Then we worked on acronyms. My partner and I looked through a car catalog for acronyms, and we found this car and underneath it said 'Be the Hamster!' We were like 'WHAT?!?!'
Watercolor: We did animal portraits. My friend said she's been waiting all year to do animals. I choose a Blue Jay, and I think it came out great.
Improv: When we played find the leader, I went out and when I came back in I took my three guesses. My last guess was wrong, but the guy I guessed was right next to the leader. I was so mad! We played charades, and I went up twice. The first time I went up was The Hunger Games, then I got the Never Say Never movie.
Volleyball: We all went into stations where we think we need the most work on. I went to sets, and then we scrimmaged.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The last three days have not been to good for me. It started on Sunday...
Sunday: We watched the Super Bowl and the Patriots lost. :( Great. Though I didn't know it yet, that was the start of my not so good week.
Monday: We went to the dentist. I was a little depressed this morning because of the night before, but I was feeling confident about my appointment. Last time I went she said I'm doing an excellent job with my teeth. This time, it turns out I have a cavity. It's a small one, they probably won't even have to numb it they said, but a cavity is a cavity, and thanks to this cavity, I lost my title as only person in the house who has never gotten a cavity. That ruined my day, and the fact I was depressed had something to do with it as well. I went to bed early and decided that Tuesday would be a better day.
Tuesday: I woke up and smiled. :) I knew it would be better. That afternoon it didn't go my way. They rescheduled the Jr. High Game night for CBA and now I can't go. I was so looking forward to it! That made me upset. My Mom said even though it's only Tuesday, I was already having one of those weeks where I could use a frozen drink. So while my sister was at speech therapy, my mom took me to Starbucks and we got some Mocha Frappes! When we walked back we talked about collage. I wanted to know how much it was, and what collages offered good biology courses, so then I could focus on birds. That made me a little better.
Nothing bad has happened yet today, but I'm a little depressed of all the bad stuff that's been happening. I'll see my friends today at church later, so I'll be happy to see them. They'll put me in a good mood. :)

Monday, February 6, 2012


I love birthdays. It doesn't matter whose it is, I just love birthdays. You celebrate what make you you. It's a special day.
Today is my Aunt's' birthday, and tomorrow is my grandpa's'. The next birthday after that is my cousin's', which isn't until March 5th, and then the next birthday is the day after, which is mine! It's exciting.
I think most people I know have a birthday in November, so for me, November is the month of many birthdays.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I went to a Murder Mystery Party last night. It was superhero themed. We got our character and we had to dress up like them. Then we'd have to stay in character until the mystery was solved. It's REALLY fun.
I got the role of The Red Wonder, with powers of magical rap lyrics. XD Well, I can't rap, but I can beat box, so I did that instead. I always talk in rhyme.
It was not me who murdered anyone, but it was Blue Blaze, played by my friend Mackenzie.
We played one game wear the host Mom stuck a superheros weapon to our backs and we had to ask each other yes or no questions about the weapon. Everyone was saying 'Rita, you have the BEST weapon'. 'That's my favorite of all time!' Someone said. It was Captain Americas' shield!
After I ate a quite small box of chocolates in one minute, I became a little hyper. ;)
It was a really fun party. This morning we talked about football and the super bowl, when someone said 'You know, this is a teenage girl slumber party, and we're talking about football.' XD

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


All it wants to be is loved. Why do you hate it? Just because it isn't the best? Why can't you just show it a little compassion. I think you know what I'm talking about. February.

Why does everyone not like February? What did it do? It seems like everyone I know says 'oh, why does it have to be February?' I mean, it's just like all the other months! Well, maybe not like July, but you know what I mean. It's still a month.

I like February! Here is my five favorite months in order
1. April (Perfect weather)
2. March (My birthday!)
3. November (Everything is so peaceful)
4. February (It's enchanting in my mind)
5. June (Look at April)
As you can see, February is #4. See everyone! I like February!

Just say that name a couple of times. February. It's a pretty name! And it's birthstone, the amythest, is my second favorite gem! (My favorite is the aquamarine)
Sometimes I can see why people don't like February, like something REALLY bad might of happened to them, but to the people who don't (which is a lot of you) Show it some love! Even my least favorite month I still kind of like it!