Saturday, February 4, 2012


I went to a Murder Mystery Party last night. It was superhero themed. We got our character and we had to dress up like them. Then we'd have to stay in character until the mystery was solved. It's REALLY fun.
I got the role of The Red Wonder, with powers of magical rap lyrics. XD Well, I can't rap, but I can beat box, so I did that instead. I always talk in rhyme.
It was not me who murdered anyone, but it was Blue Blaze, played by my friend Mackenzie.
We played one game wear the host Mom stuck a superheros weapon to our backs and we had to ask each other yes or no questions about the weapon. Everyone was saying 'Rita, you have the BEST weapon'. 'That's my favorite of all time!' Someone said. It was Captain Americas' shield!
After I ate a quite small box of chocolates in one minute, I became a little hyper. ;)
It was a really fun party. This morning we talked about football and the super bowl, when someone said 'You know, this is a teenage girl slumber party, and we're talking about football.' XD

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