Monday, February 27, 2012


Date: February 27th, 2012. 8 more days.
We went to the big apple Friday morning-Saturday evening. It was a blast. Now, here are 20 fun things I want to do this spring.
1. Ride my bike as much as possible
2. Watch the birds fly by
3. Do more crafts
4.Write more books
5. Hang out with friends
6. Get chocolate, and LOTS of it
7. Stop coming up with book ideas until I catch up on writing
8. Get more chocolate
9. Hang out with the neighbors puppy
10. Study birds
11. Lay in the grass and look at the sky
12. Get a hamock
13. Get even more chocolate
14. Make some more videos
15. Collect more pins for my collection
16. Celebrate as many birthdays as possible
17. Draw and paint some more
18. Practice more softball and volleyball
19. See all my old neighoborhood friends again ( time to start convincing mom )
20. To live life

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