Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The last three days have not been to good for me. It started on Sunday...
Sunday: We watched the Super Bowl and the Patriots lost. :( Great. Though I didn't know it yet, that was the start of my not so good week.
Monday: We went to the dentist. I was a little depressed this morning because of the night before, but I was feeling confident about my appointment. Last time I went she said I'm doing an excellent job with my teeth. This time, it turns out I have a cavity. It's a small one, they probably won't even have to numb it they said, but a cavity is a cavity, and thanks to this cavity, I lost my title as only person in the house who has never gotten a cavity. That ruined my day, and the fact I was depressed had something to do with it as well. I went to bed early and decided that Tuesday would be a better day.
Tuesday: I woke up and smiled. :) I knew it would be better. That afternoon it didn't go my way. They rescheduled the Jr. High Game night for CBA and now I can't go. I was so looking forward to it! That made me upset. My Mom said even though it's only Tuesday, I was already having one of those weeks where I could use a frozen drink. So while my sister was at speech therapy, my mom took me to Starbucks and we got some Mocha Frappes! When we walked back we talked about collage. I wanted to know how much it was, and what collages offered good biology courses, so then I could focus on birds. That made me a little better.
Nothing bad has happened yet today, but I'm a little depressed of all the bad stuff that's been happening. I'll see my friends today at church later, so I'll be happy to see them. They'll put me in a good mood. :)

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