Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Name: Tess Adams
Age: 15
Birthday: May 14
Lives in: California
Siblings: 3 brothers, Will Adams, 24, Cole Adams, 20, Jack Adams, 17.
Tess is a defiantly and Tomboy, since she has 3 older brothers. They've defiantly toughened her up. She is a leader, even though she is the youngest. She leads the basketball team to victory quite often. There is a mysterious fortune teller named Madame Harp in town who can see the future. When she sees something, she uses Tess, and four other kids across California to help this her.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Name: Laura Air
Age: 147
Birthday: July 1
Lives in: Um...the sky.
Siblings: 3 sisters, Megan Air, 117, Emily Air, 97, Hannah Air, 74
Laura is a quiet girl and is kind of a book worm. She is the oldest child of the air god, and has a lot of expectations to live up to. Although the oldest of the Air, Fire, Water, and Earth Gods are supposed to compete in a Olympics every couple hundred years, Laura would prefer not to, and always wished her little sister Emily was the oldest, since the Air gods hasn't won for centuries and Emily could win. Laura on the other hand, probably not.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Name: Lola Mickey
Age: 14
Birthday: February 5
Lives in: Mississippi
Siblings: 1 sister, Lucy Mickey, 10, 1 brother, Patrick Mickey, 7
Lola is the geek of geeks at her school. Her glasses don't help. She struggles with making friends and starting conversations. I'ts impossible for her. She is fascinated but outer space, and has even made up her own super hero, Solorbeam. When she's camping and something crashes in the forest nearby, she is surprised bt what she sees.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Happy Fall. Fall just might be my favorite season. A fresh, crisp air. Trees of all colors. Best, leaves to jump in.
This fall is going to be fun. It's the begining of my freshman year. I feel like I need to spend these next four years having as much fun as possible. It seems like a long time, but it will pass soon enough. I relized last year that I used to have a firm grasp on time, but now, time is slipping between my hands. 8th grade went by FAST. Which means 9th grade will go by faster. I need to enjoy this.
I need goals for fall. Well, I need to write. That's for sure.
Let's see....I will try hard at school. Make sure I do well.
Stop procrastinating. I've been doing that a lot lately. It needs to stop.
I will do my best in everything I'm doing really.
It's a good start. Happy Fall.

Friday, September 21, 2012


I'm pulling double time for school. I think you know what I'll say next. Allow me to explain.
There is a Jewish holiday this Tuesday and Wednesday, which means school holiday! BUT not for me. Normally, not a problem. BUT, there is a church retreat this Tuesday and Wednesday, the days with NO SCHOOL. Not a problem for everyone else, BUT a problem for me. Easy, do alot of work Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, BUT.....yes, I've said BUT several times already, BUT, I will be in Annapolis on a field trip for CBA. so I will be gone all of Tuesday. SO, I have two days (no way I'm doing school on the weekend) to do all my thursday class stuff, math, history, English, etc. so I can go on the retreat. Wish me luck.


Name: Daisy Chain
Age: 13
Birthday: November 14th
Lives in: Vermont
Siblings: 1 sister, Daphne Chain, 16, 1 brother, Dylan Chain, 15
Daisy is the younger sibling and is always living in her siblings shadows, and she likes it like that. She doesn't like to make herself noticed. She doesn't like that people can tell the three kids are siblings, because then she can't use denial. She would love to just curl in a corner with a book. Her favorite book is called The Forest of Who, about a magical forest with mystical creatues. When she follows and owl through the forest behind her house, she disvoers a secret entrence. Is the Forest of who real?

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ah....good to be back at CBA. I get that good feeling, being around homeschoolers.

8:00-9:30- Well, my sisters first class is at eight, and mine, not until ten, So, I sat around doing...wait for it....NOTHING!!!!
Yearbook- Mostly talked about the color, along with some others things.
Pysical Science- I LOVE the teacher. She is awesome. We did two experiments, and she just throws us the supplies. She warned us about all the things when we got our copper wires: Don't touch them together, don't put them on your tounge, don't poke your eye with know she says these things because it's happened.
Oil Painting- We mostly talked about how to use the paints and gray scale.
Study Hall- I sate my sandwhich in two minutes because i was starving! Then I helped run the snack bar.
Guitar- and last but not least guitar. I'm in a class with different people so its a bit different, but not terribly so. It will be an interesting year.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Some weather we're having, Huh? On to the profile.
Name: Annie Green
Age: 14
Birthday: September 13
Lives in: Louisiana
Siblings: 1 sister, Grace Green, 11
Annie and her sister are VERY active people and spend most of the day running round and playing their sports. Annie is a softball girl and is looking for a new team when she moves from Maryland to Louisiana. While her sister has already started soccor, Annie is have trouble. Then she find the perfect team...

Monday, September 17, 2012


Name: Jacqueline Webster
Age: 14
Birthday: January 26
Lives in: Washington
Siblings: 1 sister, Alexandra Webster, 10
Jacqueline is a witch living with her mom and sister. They act like normal people and try not to use their magic too much. When 13 Jacqueline got to chose whether she would be on the good witches side, or the naughty witches side. She chose naughty, and liek to run around town causing trouble. Her Mom watches, worrying that Alexandra will follow Jacquelines example.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Name: Caroline Parker
Age: ???
Birthday: December 24
Lives in: Heaven, but she is stationed in Illinois
Siblings: None
Caroline is an angel. She dies on June 3rd 1916 in a train crash. She lives in heaven and likes to people watch from the clouds. She has a very powerful spirit. While she is happy, she sometimes has a break through and wishes she were alive and breathing. In heaven she is known as Angel 20307. she would love to be one of those angels who sometimes gets sent down to earth. Since no one knows she really exsit, it seems like that won't be happening. Or will it?

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Name: Violet Something
Age: 13
Birthday: October 30
Lives in: Montana
Siblings: 1 brother, Oliver Something, 12
Violet is very competitive, especially with her brother. While she is more athletic and can beat you in just about anything, Oliver is very smart and has the answer to everything. Violet's dream is to be the first person to climb Danger Mountain, and come back. In her mind, she's not on the right track. Consitering she's stuck with parents who always nag her, and a younger brother who's smarter than you, she doesn't see her dream happening. But something happens that just might make her climb the mountain.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Cape Cod is right around the corner! I'm so excited! Here are 20 things I love about Catham Cape Cod.

1. the whole town
2. main street
3. the beach!
4. the fresh air
5. our cottage
6. the good times :)
7. BUNNIES!!!!
8. the 'Life is Good' store
9. the people
10. the squire
11. the candy store
12. the bridge where we fish sometimes
13. the nature center
14. donut shop
15. the gazebo
16. book store
17. the library
18. the mermaid shop (it's so nice!)
19. smores
20. our friendly competition during Yahtzee

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Name: Mia Anderson
Age: 15
Birthday: June 6
Lives in: Oklahoma
Siblings: 2 sisters, Chloe Anderson, 18, Vanessa Anderson, 7
Mia is a girl how likes everything to go as planed with no interruptions or changes. She does not go with the flow. She does not like traveling, and plans to stay in Oklahoma the rest of her life. She's pretty smart and her hobbies include making vlogs and playing guitar. When she gets a form to fill out to be an exchange student, she is convinced she isn't going to go. But her little sister does some VERY naughty....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Gosh, how am I going to explain this? I look out the window and see this:
I look again five seconds later, I see this:
I once again, look five seconds later, and see this:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Name: Sandy Zendas
Age: 15
Birthday: April 16
Lives in: Oragan
Siblings: 1 brother, Andy Zandas, 15
Sandy is a street smart girl who is never seen without her 'other half' (a.k.a, her twin brother, Andy). You can't tell they're related just by looking, but once they start talking, you understand their twins. While the two live with their Mom, their Dad is off in New Zeland as an archeloligst. He is usally gone for two months, and then see his wife and kids for two weeks. one summer, her decides to take Sandy and Andy with him on a trip, and it's certainally one they won't forget.

Monday, September 3, 2012


Name: Serena Mason
Age: 14
Birthday: March 18
Lives in: Virgina
Siblings: 1 sister, Pippi Mason, 3, 3 brothers, Calvin Mason, 11, Conner Mason, 8, Nickolas Mason, 6
Serena is very protective, which makes sense, consitering she's the oldest of five. She lives years into the future, when america has been taken over. Her father is in hiding, while the new goverment is after him. Serena was in Washington D.C the day this new goverment took over, and she remembers flames and screams, and they haunt her sleep. Even though her brother, Calvin is looking after her most of the time, she has the pressure to stay strong.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Name: Skye
Age: 14
Birthday: August 3
Lives in: England
Siblings: None
Skye lives during the medevil towns, and her town is not looking to good. She is the next and only ere, but her evil aunt took over. Skye now roams town stealing food and other things to survive. She became a heartless soul as she plots to throw her aunt off the throne and take it. Things are going some what smoothly until two boys show up and make thigns complicated.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I thought I would share this song because it's beautiful. Don't You agree? Go ahead and listen to it while you read this post.
Anyway, it's September. Before we move on, let me just say, August of 2012, congrats. You've broke the record of the most post in a month. The new record is 18. Will September beat it?
I think there will be some changes. I'm in high school now. I must stay orgainized and do my best this year! And, I thought it'd be fun if every Saturday I posted a song I like and enjoy. Why not?
Anyway, happy September to you all.


Name: Renee Nature
Age: 154
Birthday: May 23
Lives in: Uh...underground
Siblings: 1 sister, Rily Nature, 107
Renee is a gnome person, and lives in the city underground. Her Mom is mother Nature, and soon, she will take her place, since she's the eldest daughter. Problem is, she doesn't want to be Mother Nature. This makes Rily extremly jelious. She wants to be Mother Nature so badly, but her sister gets to, and doen't even want to! Renee is sporty, and loves to run around town. She loves it, but she always wonders what it is like above them.