Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I look out my bedroom window and I see on of my favorite trees right there. It's small, but I can see it's green leaves when I look out at it.
I'm afraid this tree isn't doing to well. It is loosing it's leaves. The ones that manged to stay on are turning yellow. It has never done that this early. It make me unhappy, to the tree like this.
I think of it, at the end of spring, my Dad thought the leaves on the tree didn't look as green, or as big. I didn't notice. I'm thinking he was right. It's a shame really.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My Dad is funny. We have conversations that turn into funny jokes. It's those that I remember. Here are some of my favorite conversations with him:

Me: You need to see this cover of What Makes You Beautiful
Dad: Is that New Direction
Me: One Direction
Dad: Whatever

Me: *hiccup* Why are my hiccups so loud
Dad: It's because your freakish. Of course, you probably got you freakishness from me

Dad: Who's Christina Perri again?
Me: Christina Perri is Christina Perri.
Dad: Thanks Rita. I now have a clear description of her.

Me: Good night! I'm sleeping in til ten!
Dad: No you're not.
*next morning*
Dad: Rita! Get up! It's 9:55! I told you I wouldn't let you get up at ten.

I love you dad!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


You know, I sometimes can't help it. I look at my blog and decide it's old. I need to change it a bit. So I re-did the background. Although the first one wasn't bad, I think this one looks very nice.
It changes as I change. My interest and personallity have changed over the years, but I have found three things I love, and probably always will. Softball of course, my book writing, and birds.
It's hard to believe it's already half way through the summer. Enjoy the rest everyone!

Friday, July 20, 2012


They have returned. My Thursday Class dreams.
I always have them during the school year, and sometimes in the summer. But I've been having a lot of them latley.
My dreams are....weird. They don't make any sense, stuff that wouldn't happen in real life happen, and all that other stuff. Here is my most normal dream. which I had end of May:
It's confirmation day, and everything went well, except I was the only one saying anything, our pastor was a...hippie, and instead of candles, they gave us fireballs. Other than that, pretty normal.
In my Thursday class dreams, it's only people I know from Thursday classes that are in it, and in Church dreams only church friends, and in Softball dreams, only softball friends. But lately one of my church friends keeps ending up in my dreams, even when they don't belong. I can't figure out why.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


You know, I find it funny that they chose this song. I'm not sure why. But I love it!


Coming up next it Rita's life, helping with Choir Camp! That's what a he'd say if there was a newscaster announcing my life.

Yes, next week is choir camp. I will be helping the Vibrant Vibrations. This camp is different than VBS.
For one thing, Choir Camp last the whole day. It's for 3-6 graders. And it's all in one room. One similar thing is that there is a different theme each year, but Choir Camp just uses the same theme each year.

It's going to be fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I've got it! What, you may ask. Oh, not much. Just my thursday class schedule. Hard to believe that this will be year three of thursday classes, and that I'll be in the 9th grade.

I think, Thursday Classes saved me. Before my Mom had told me about it, I was thinking about going back to public school. Maybe finish middle school here, but then for high school go back. Now that I've been to Thursday classes, I'm going to keep homeschooling through High School.

Anyway, here is my schedule for 2012-13
11-Pysical Science
12-Pysical Science (It's a two hour class)
1- Oil Painting
3-Study Hall/Guitar

We haven't quite worked out guitar yet, but I'm going to do it. The reason 3 o' clock is an option is because Stella will have a class at 3. I'm excited for this year. I will have a friend who is going into the 7th grade, and he will be joining Stella and I. It's exciting.

Friday, July 6, 2012


I'm brain storming what fun things to do this summer aside from our trips.

In about two weeks I'm helping with Choir Camp, which is another camp at my church, and sometime this month we'll be going on a long bike ride. August we'll be going to the Gettysburg campsite, and shortly after, to Pittsburgh to see a Pirtites game.

I have my summer reading list. my mom usually gives prizes, but this year I get a dollar for every book I read. I've been reading Rebecca, but I haven't been enjoying it. Frankly, it's quite boring. So I'm taking a break from that book. I'm going through my list to see what other books I have to read.

Softball used to control my summer. We'd have two practices a week, and tournaments on Sundays, that would take up the whole day. This summer, they couldn't get a summer team together, so no softball this summer. I'm upset, because I was looking forward to the tournaments, but in a way I'm glad. I can stand being in catchers gear for three games in 90 degree heat, but once it reaches 100, well, I'll play a game and a half, but not three.

So what to do this summer besides the trips? Write. Read. Maybe go to the pool one weekend. I will have a good summer. I'm determened to!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th! Due to some....problems....we weren't able to go to the carnival until today. We just got back. It was a great time. They had some new rides, but in exchange they got rid of some of my favorite rides, like the Star Ship, Pirate Ship, and Bumper Cars. Here is what I did, and how I felt.

Round-Up: It's basically the Star Ship. It spins so fast that you are stuck against the wall, but it tilts to the side, and it looks like a satellite.

Rock Star: There is a row of chairs. It rock from side to side and when it get to the top it goes back down and around. It does not go upside down.

Tornado: There is a group of four chairs and it basically goes around in a circle. I'd say it was kind of boring.

Ferris Wheel: Always a good time. I love the view when you get to the top.

Dels Lemonade: I got some Del's lemonade while I watched my sister and cousin do some bunge jumping.

Rock Star 2: My cousin and I went on this ride again.

Round-Up 2: Look above.

Ballon Darts: I love this game. I got three darts. I threw my first one and of course, it hit the only spot there weren't any ballons. The venter handed the dart back to me and said 'I'll give you another shot with this dart. Now if you're going to throw like a girl, throw like a big girl.' That kind of motivaded me and I popped ballons with all three of my darts. I got a pink dog with a heart that said 'I Love You'

Zipper: Never agian. No matter how much you beg me, I will not be going on this ride ever again. It's a log pole that turns. You get in a cage. The cage keeps flipping everywhere. It's so scary. My cousin and I agreed that we would go on togehter. We were screaming so loudly. When we got off, I was shaking, and scared, but I didn't feel sick. My cousin on the other hand...

Cotton Candy: I got Cotton Candy! What else is there to say?

Ducks: I had two dollars left after that, so I went to a game where you pick a duck, is it has a S, you get a small prize, M=Medium, L=Large, and XL=Extra Large. I got a L, so I picked a turtle.
It was a fun day at the carnival.

Monday, July 2, 2012


July 2nd, 2012. Two more days.
4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. The fireworks! The celebrations! Everything!
Today, we will be going to one of my favorite traditions, the carnival!
Every year we go to a carnival. They have rides and games that are always fun to do. I like trying a different thing each time. Last year I tried out a ride called the orbiter, and the year before I tried the Star Ship. I'm not sure what I will try this year. It just depends what's new.
I do know which ride I will be going on this year, I'm just not sure in what order, and some of them I'll probably go on twice.
Ferris Wheel (Classic)
Star Ship (It's awesome)
Orbiter (Extreme)
Hang Glider (It was surprisenly fun)
Bump Cars (Always a good time)
Pirite Ship (I may go further in the back this time)
Those are one I'll defainlly be going on. I may get there and see another ride that I forgot about and then I'll go on there as well. It jsut depends. Well, I must get ready for the day.