Friday, July 6, 2012


I'm brain storming what fun things to do this summer aside from our trips.

In about two weeks I'm helping with Choir Camp, which is another camp at my church, and sometime this month we'll be going on a long bike ride. August we'll be going to the Gettysburg campsite, and shortly after, to Pittsburgh to see a Pirtites game.

I have my summer reading list. my mom usually gives prizes, but this year I get a dollar for every book I read. I've been reading Rebecca, but I haven't been enjoying it. Frankly, it's quite boring. So I'm taking a break from that book. I'm going through my list to see what other books I have to read.

Softball used to control my summer. We'd have two practices a week, and tournaments on Sundays, that would take up the whole day. This summer, they couldn't get a summer team together, so no softball this summer. I'm upset, because I was looking forward to the tournaments, but in a way I'm glad. I can stand being in catchers gear for three games in 90 degree heat, but once it reaches 100, well, I'll play a game and a half, but not three.

So what to do this summer besides the trips? Write. Read. Maybe go to the pool one weekend. I will have a good summer. I'm determened to!

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