Tuesday, July 24, 2012


My Dad is funny. We have conversations that turn into funny jokes. It's those that I remember. Here are some of my favorite conversations with him:

Me: You need to see this cover of What Makes You Beautiful
Dad: Is that New Direction
Me: One Direction
Dad: Whatever

Me: *hiccup* Why are my hiccups so loud
Dad: It's because your freakish. Of course, you probably got you freakishness from me

Dad: Who's Christina Perri again?
Me: Christina Perri is Christina Perri.
Dad: Thanks Rita. I now have a clear description of her.

Me: Good night! I'm sleeping in til ten!
Dad: No you're not.
*next morning*
Dad: Rita! Get up! It's 9:55! I told you I wouldn't let you get up at ten.

I love you dad!

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