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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm simple. I like simple. My life is simple. Everything around me I like simple.
I live life simple. I keep it small. I don't add pazzaz.
I like small, simple things. I like having fun with small simple things.
I live life simply. I just relax and let the world go by, simply.
I keep everything around me simple, and I don't make a big deal. I like it simple.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Thank you for awarding me.
Here are the rules:
1: Thank and link the person who awarded you
2: Write five things about yourself
3: Pass the award to five other people on blogger

1. I'm a Rick Riordian book geek. ;)
2. I write my own books.
3. My favorite word is 'Enchantment'
4. My two favorite months are April and November
5. I don't say 'the trees are bare' during winter. Instead, I say 'The trees are getting a better view of the sky.
Here are the people I'm awarding:
..........................that's everyone I know with bloggers.


I had fun at my classes yesterday! Here's what happened.
Guitar: We had a new student since someone decided not to continue this semester. Since she was a page behind us Mr. Abshire caught her up a bit and had the rest of us continue on.

Journalism: In journalism we talked about intreviewing. To practice, she gave everyone an inanimite object to ask five questions to. I got a ball. The one with rubbery spikes on it. I asked: Why don't you bounce? Is it fun being rubbery? Is it hard to roll around? Do you like being a ball? Does it hurt when you're dropped? One guy, Stevie, got a disk launcher. His friend was fiddling around with it. Then, he shot me. He got that 'Oops' look on his face, so I threw it back with as much force as I had. Then he gave it back to Stevie, who started to aim it and it stopped at me. I gave him the eye and shook my head, so he slowly put it down.

Watercolor: In watercolor we did some flowers. For our homework we have to paint a pet like animal. She asked how many of us have pets, and I and one other girl were the only two who didn't raise our hands. I'll just find a picture.

Improv: In Improv we started out with Duck, Duck, Goose, like always. I'm never picked, so I was caught off guard when the guy said 'Goose!' when he tapped my head. I almost caught him. Then we played clumps, but each group had to be a mixture of boys and girls. So to even it out, the first number she called was 2. 7 girls were out. Then we played rock, paper, scissors. I was safe which is good.

Volleyball: We were supposed to play against Hampshire View, but they never replied, so that didn't work out. So instead we scrimmaged. It was really fun. ~Rita~

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Heres a deleted paragraph from my book that I'm writing, Operation: D.A.D. the reason I didn't put it in the book is becaue I changed one tiny thing about the plot, and now it just doesn't fit. In the scene, Ali Davidson is walking down the street of Messy, Wyoming, and she's looking around. So here it goes:

Ali walked down the street sipping her Hot Cocca that she got from Starbucks. She passed a jewerly shop and she freezes and walks back toward the shop. The gold necklaces sparkle at her. "Well, there's no harm in LOOKING." She said and she pushed her way into the store.
Ali was dumbfounded by all the amazing jewerly, and their prices. She started to exit after quite a bit of time looking at them, but a women on a foot ladder caught her eye. It looked like she was instaling something into the wall. Ali walked over to check it out.
"Excuse me, what are you doing?" Ali asked. The lady looked down at her and smiled. "Well, at this time of year, Code Davidson stops here in out town." Ali gulped. She couldn't let this lady know she was Code Davidsons' daughter. She'd go ahead and call the police. "Who's he?" Ali asked...lying. "Well, he's a crook known all around the USA. So I'm installing this security system. It's illegal in every state except Texas!" Ali tried to avoid eye contact. Last time she had checked, they were in Wyoming, not Texas. Ali smiled politly and said. "well, it was nice to meet you, but I should be going." She said, and she ran out of there as fast as she could.

I hope you liked it. I wrote this myself, and I plan to get it published. So if you ever see a book called operation: D.A.D, by Rita Newman, BUY IT!

Monday, January 23, 2012


My wish came true. We got snow. not a lot, but we still got it.
I was at a friends house sleeping over on firday when it happened. It was about eleven p.m. We were playing The Game of life. Then we saw it coming down. We ran outside as we slipped on out sneakers and didn't even bother with coats. We started jumping around with excitement. Then we made some hot cocoa.
Well, I'm happy, and I still can't believe it happened. :):):):):):):) Happiness!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Let it snow let it snow LET IT SNOW ALREADY!!!!.............I want to make a snow man....
It hasn't been snowing and I want it snow SO BADLY! If it could snow on a friday that would be nice. THREE DAY WEEKEND!
I want to see the flakes fall from the sky. i want to see the white blanket covering the won't be a very warm blanket though that's for sure. ;)
Well, I'm going to have to wait. Funny thing is, the only day of the year I don't like snow is on my birthday. I dislike snow on my birthday. So now, it'll snow on my birthday. Horray.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've made my New Years resolution! (Ok, a little late, but I made it).
1. Focus more on writing my books.
2. Put more effort in my work
3. Become more confonate
4. Break any bad habits
Do you think that's a good list? I plan to do it all. So wish me luck. :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


So I have the new Kelly Clarkson CD, and there is a song called you can't win. It says when you do this, it's wrong. So you you do the oppisite. it's still wrong. There for, you can't win. Not true!
If you've read ANY of my Emma B. stories, you'd know that she gets' teased, ignored, and yes, sometimes hurt, at school. How does she handle it? In PLEANTY of ways. And in the end, it works out for her! Sure, she never becomes popular, but she doesn't want to be. You CAN win! So do it. Win! You can do it!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Blah, school started. Things are going back to normal now that the holidays are over. Algebra is frying my brain. Novel Way will be helping me continue my book. My Dad will be bugging me about government. Thursday classes will be starting up again.

I'm super excited for classes. They start up again on the 12th. Guitar at ten, journalism at eleven, watercolor at one, improv at two, and volleyball at three. Typical day.

I'm getting used to it. After being with my Mom and Dad for two weeks nonstop it felt...weird. So yeah. Good luck getting back in the swing of things people!