Friday, January 27, 2012


I had fun at my classes yesterday! Here's what happened.
Guitar: We had a new student since someone decided not to continue this semester. Since she was a page behind us Mr. Abshire caught her up a bit and had the rest of us continue on.

Journalism: In journalism we talked about intreviewing. To practice, she gave everyone an inanimite object to ask five questions to. I got a ball. The one with rubbery spikes on it. I asked: Why don't you bounce? Is it fun being rubbery? Is it hard to roll around? Do you like being a ball? Does it hurt when you're dropped? One guy, Stevie, got a disk launcher. His friend was fiddling around with it. Then, he shot me. He got that 'Oops' look on his face, so I threw it back with as much force as I had. Then he gave it back to Stevie, who started to aim it and it stopped at me. I gave him the eye and shook my head, so he slowly put it down.

Watercolor: In watercolor we did some flowers. For our homework we have to paint a pet like animal. She asked how many of us have pets, and I and one other girl were the only two who didn't raise our hands. I'll just find a picture.

Improv: In Improv we started out with Duck, Duck, Goose, like always. I'm never picked, so I was caught off guard when the guy said 'Goose!' when he tapped my head. I almost caught him. Then we played clumps, but each group had to be a mixture of boys and girls. So to even it out, the first number she called was 2. 7 girls were out. Then we played rock, paper, scissors. I was safe which is good.

Volleyball: We were supposed to play against Hampshire View, but they never replied, so that didn't work out. So instead we scrimmaged. It was really fun. ~Rita~

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