Friday, October 26, 2012


Thursday Classes!! The last time I did this was my first day? Maybe last year? I can't remember! But either way, this post is over due.

8:00-9:00: Went over some Geometry. Waved to people coming through the door of CBA. That's it.
Yearbook: We continued to discuss the ladder (lay out) of the book. It's mostly so the people doing the mugs can start.
Pys. Science: Just Tori and I that day. We got some test back and we got our overall grade so far. I'm doing well. Then we had a super long lecture. It wasn't that bad. There was a lot of laughing when someone made fun of our teachers drawings.
Oil Painting: We painted bowls, and I got paint on myself before I even started painting....
Study Hall: Not much happening. It was some loud and lots of going ons. I did get some yodels (those things are good and addicting).
Guitar: Just three of us. We mostly talked about notes. The notes on the lines of the staff are E-G-B-D-F. You can remember it by Every Good Boy Does Fine. Mr. Abshire prefers Empty Garbage Before Dad Freaks.
Good day, as usual.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


After Saturday when I went the High School bonfire, I'm thinking I'm really going to like high school. It will be easier than middle school I think. I'm becoming an adult. I'm getting more comfortable in my own skin. I'm finding what it is God wants me to do in life.
I wasn't so sure about this going into it. I now know I had nothing to worry about. Cedar Brook certainly helps the cause. Everyone is so welcoming and even though you may not personally know everyone, you know who everyone is and you're all friends.
High school is going to be fun. I only have four years of it, so I need to enjoy this while I can. Otherwise, I will regret it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Love this song. I'm not to much of a rap fan, but I like it in this song.

Monday, October 15, 2012


 I'm waiting for a lot of things.
1. I'm waiting for Halloween. I will not be going through my neighborhood this year, but I will be dressing up. That's half the fun! I will be a candy corn. It's going to be awesome.
2. I'm waiting for leaves. I want them to fall off the trees and cover the ground. Then, my dad can rake them, and make pile. So then I can sit in them and watch the day go by.
3. I'm waiting for cold weather. I have a new coat. Plaid with gray, black and red. It has a hood, and I LOVE the style of it. It is a bit heavy, better for cold weather. Alas, it is not quite cold enough, so I'm waiting for it to get cold enough so I may wear it.
4. I'm waiting for an idea to spark. An idea for what? Beats me. Just an idea.
5. I'm waiting for Thursday classes. For yearbook, I will be doing one of the mug pages, and I have a design idea, and I want to share with everyone in my yearbook class!
6. I'm waiting for November. That's when my last orthodontist appointment was. Here's how it went down. My doctor said I was looking really good. I don't have to wear rubber bands anymore. They said I should have one more appointment and then I might get my braces off! There's a possibility I'll get them off before Christmas! If I do, then I just want a BIG box of salt water taffy for Christmas.
7. I'm waiting for snow. I know. That's not happening for a while. But I can just imagine all that snow on the ground.
Well. That's it. A lot of things to wait for.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last one!
Name: Robin Fly
Age: 159
Birthday: June 3
Lives in: New Mexico
Siblings: None
Robin is a Bird Imp. Imps are little humans (no bigger than your middle finger) that has a certain animals traits. Being a bird Imp, Robin like to be free and make music. She often sits on a branch and plays her guitar. One day during a storm, Robin is swept up into the sky and into the city, where she is picked up by a 9th grade girl named Frannie Davis. What adventures will Robin take this girl?

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Name: Bridgette Miles
Age: 13
Birthday: April 26
Lives in: Georgia
Siblings: 4 brothers, Jason Miles, 9, Owen Miles, 9, Brendon Miles, 6, Anthony Miles, 3
Bridgette is the oldest with four younger brothers, yet amidst a screaming and running around, she keeps a cool head. You can thank sensi for that. When she started learning Martial arts from him (along with her best friend Jacob) she is very calm. She also learned to be a great fighter. So great, that Sensi has a plan for her...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We are nearing the end of my profiles! Of course, I will be thinking of more books, but out of the ones I've already thought up of, I'm almost done. Just this one, and then two more.
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 13
Birthday: March 4
Lives in: England
Siblings: 1 brother, Charles, 15
Like Skye (if you remember) Elizabeth is from the medevil times. This time, we are in a town down by the shore. Elizabeth is defianlly a tomboy, and the towns people would consiter her, 'improper', and that she is not fit to be a princess. They are lucky that her brother will be taking the throne. One day, the town is raided by pirates, and they take Elizabeth as a captive. But soon, she adapts to her new life.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Name: Lexus Montgomery
Age: 14
Birthday August 28
Lives in: Hawaii
Siblings: 2 brothers, Bryce Montgomery, 16, Austin Montgomery, 12
Lexus has intense red hair which is one of the things that makes her unique. She is calm and very sweet. Yet, people think she's a wacko. Why? Her hobbie. She likes talking to mermaids. She claims they're real and every night she has conversations with them out in the water. Of course, no one believes her. But is Lexus telling the truth?