Friday, November 23, 2012


And Mom said, "Let there be light!"
And the front yard was lit,
and the Mom was happy. :)

Monday, November 19, 2012


I though of this book this weekend. I was watching a Christmas Movie and thinking about this other book I read and...POOF!

Name-Holly Claus
Birthday-October 9th
Lives in- The North Pole (She's in Maine right now)
Siblings-2 brothers, James Claus, 27, Matthew Claus, 19
Holly is Santa Claus daughter and is chipper and she's always sparkling. She loves to play with the elves and she can't wait till she's 18, when she will get to take care of the reindeer's as a job. But when a blizzard hit and Vixen isn't counted for, she set's out to find him and the two get swiped all the way to Maine. She tries to blend in, though all the kids, especially Ricky Wells, knows she is something magical.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I've been writing limericks for school. They're quite fun. One of my favorites:
There once was a man from Peru,
Who dreamt he was eating his shoe
He woke with a fright
in the middle of the night
To find it was perfectly true!

Here's one I wrote:
A lion was loose in the zoo,
and what did this lion do?
It saw a zebra in a cage,
it was eating some sage
and now the zebra's gone too!

Limericks are fun.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I know, Christmas isn't for another month and a half, you don't have to nag me about it. But I learned last year, time goes by fast. In fact, Last Christmas doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I'm thinking about what I want, what I should buy my family members, what I should buy my friends, etc. It's hard shopping for your parents.

I only have three things on my christmas list, and one of them is kind of a joke.

My sister wants an iPhone. I don't plan to get it for her, but in return, she doesn't have to get me my parrot. Yes, I want a parrot.

Taffy. I might get my braces off before Christmas. If so, I will be EXTREMLY happy if I got a big box of salt water taffy all for myself. Yum yum! Of course, I would probably eat it in one day.

So yeah, the commercails of brainwashed me and got my thinking about Christmas. Someone is going to have to hit me real hard to bring me back down to earth.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


These dances at my church, I enjoy them. This is how it goes down.

Week before dance- I feel sick to my stomach about and do not want to go. But my sister wants to go, so I decide to go too.

Day of the dance-Thinking about it, still thinking about it....

Getting ready- This is when I freak out on the inside.

Arrive at the dance- I relax, but I don't acually go inside for a good ten minutes.

Acually inside- I relax as I stand in a corner talking to my friend who feels the same way about these dances as I do.

Later- I sing a bit and do a bit of swaying to some of the GOOD songs.

Later...- I get into a circle of five other people as we jump to a song that's horrible and great at the same time.

End- I had a good time.

This happens everytime. You'd expect after going to a bunch of these I wouldn't get all worked up before the dance, but no. I can't imagene how I'll act before the semi-formal in spring....

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Music helps me write my books a bit better. I put more detail in them. So while I'm listening to this, I'm, of course, writing.

Monday, November 5, 2012


When I grow up, I'm going to be a bad parent, because every year, around this time, my kids will be on the floor crying because Mommy ate their Halloween candy.
It's hard not to steal some of my sisters candy when her bag is just hanging there from the doorknob. I've stollen one or two pieces of chocolate, and you don't know how hard I'm fighting with myself not to steal a piece everytime I pass her bag. ugh.
I took my sister trick or treating this year. I ate all the candy I got, which wasn't a lot. I got six pieces, only because some of the neighbors insisted I take at least one piece. One even offered me a bag.
I have a terrible sweet tooth. Everytime I buy something from the snack bar at Thursday Classes, it's almost always chocolate. If it's not chocolate, it's one of thoose mini cakes. If it's not a mini cake, it's usually something like starburst, skittles, mentos, etc. I'm starting to develop self control when it comes to sweet things, so maybe I won't be so bad with stealing candy from my kids. Maybe...

Friday, November 2, 2012


I like November. It's pretty, pleasant, and other things. This is the month I became serious on writing books. It was on the ninth Emma B. was born. Started out as a diary in 2010, and now, two years later, she's a short stories book. I am almost complete with the first one. Here are the characters that appear often in the Emma B series.

Emma B Simm- The main character. She's your average teenager who's not so average. She makes sure every day in unforgettable, but she makes herself unforgettable in the process. She has a way with words. You set yourself up, she say the right word at the right time, and you're in the palm of her hand.

Roxanne Welder- Emma Bs best friend. She going through a insecure stage in life where she's not sure who she is, and no one really know she exists. Luckily Emma B is there to yell something in the halls so all eyes are on them.

Samuel Jinx- Another one of Emma B's friends. He's humorous, a smart Alec, and annoying. He loves to tease Emma B. They get into a lot of arguments. Emma B enjoys it, because according to her, Samuel is the only person who stands a chance in beating her in a arguement.

Noah Ron- Another of Emma Bs friends and her next door nneighbor. He's sport, cool, and all the girls (except Emma B and Roxanne) seem to love him. He plays the drums, preferably at 7:00 am, which causes Emma B to wake up very cranky.

Zac Simm- One of Emma Bs older brothers. He's ssophomore in high school, and as Emma B would say, he's a complete slob. His side of the room has all kinds of fungi and Bactria growing under the junk on the floor. It's his side of the room Emma B is afraid to step in.

Logan Simm- Emma Bs other older brother, and the other half of Zac. He's not quite as a slob and is a bit more sophisticated (that's a joke). He does treat Emma B a bit better than Zac does, and he at least combs his hair everyday, while Zac does every other week.