Friday, November 2, 2012


I like November. It's pretty, pleasant, and other things. This is the month I became serious on writing books. It was on the ninth Emma B. was born. Started out as a diary in 2010, and now, two years later, she's a short stories book. I am almost complete with the first one. Here are the characters that appear often in the Emma B series.

Emma B Simm- The main character. She's your average teenager who's not so average. She makes sure every day in unforgettable, but she makes herself unforgettable in the process. She has a way with words. You set yourself up, she say the right word at the right time, and you're in the palm of her hand.

Roxanne Welder- Emma Bs best friend. She going through a insecure stage in life where she's not sure who she is, and no one really know she exists. Luckily Emma B is there to yell something in the halls so all eyes are on them.

Samuel Jinx- Another one of Emma B's friends. He's humorous, a smart Alec, and annoying. He loves to tease Emma B. They get into a lot of arguments. Emma B enjoys it, because according to her, Samuel is the only person who stands a chance in beating her in a arguement.

Noah Ron- Another of Emma Bs friends and her next door nneighbor. He's sport, cool, and all the girls (except Emma B and Roxanne) seem to love him. He plays the drums, preferably at 7:00 am, which causes Emma B to wake up very cranky.

Zac Simm- One of Emma Bs older brothers. He's ssophomore in high school, and as Emma B would say, he's a complete slob. His side of the room has all kinds of fungi and Bactria growing under the junk on the floor. It's his side of the room Emma B is afraid to step in.

Logan Simm- Emma Bs other older brother, and the other half of Zac. He's not quite as a slob and is a bit more sophisticated (that's a joke). He does treat Emma B a bit better than Zac does, and he at least combs his hair everyday, while Zac does every other week.

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