Monday, November 19, 2012


I though of this book this weekend. I was watching a Christmas Movie and thinking about this other book I read and...POOF!

Name-Holly Claus
Birthday-October 9th
Lives in- The North Pole (She's in Maine right now)
Siblings-2 brothers, James Claus, 27, Matthew Claus, 19
Holly is Santa Claus daughter and is chipper and she's always sparkling. She loves to play with the elves and she can't wait till she's 18, when she will get to take care of the reindeer's as a job. But when a blizzard hit and Vixen isn't counted for, she set's out to find him and the two get swiped all the way to Maine. She tries to blend in, though all the kids, especially Ricky Wells, knows she is something magical.

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