Saturday, November 10, 2012


These dances at my church, I enjoy them. This is how it goes down.

Week before dance- I feel sick to my stomach about and do not want to go. But my sister wants to go, so I decide to go too.

Day of the dance-Thinking about it, still thinking about it....

Getting ready- This is when I freak out on the inside.

Arrive at the dance- I relax, but I don't acually go inside for a good ten minutes.

Acually inside- I relax as I stand in a corner talking to my friend who feels the same way about these dances as I do.

Later- I sing a bit and do a bit of swaying to some of the GOOD songs.

Later...- I get into a circle of five other people as we jump to a song that's horrible and great at the same time.

End- I had a good time.

This happens everytime. You'd expect after going to a bunch of these I wouldn't get all worked up before the dance, but no. I can't imagene how I'll act before the semi-formal in spring....

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