Monday, November 5, 2012


When I grow up, I'm going to be a bad parent, because every year, around this time, my kids will be on the floor crying because Mommy ate their Halloween candy.
It's hard not to steal some of my sisters candy when her bag is just hanging there from the doorknob. I've stollen one or two pieces of chocolate, and you don't know how hard I'm fighting with myself not to steal a piece everytime I pass her bag. ugh.
I took my sister trick or treating this year. I ate all the candy I got, which wasn't a lot. I got six pieces, only because some of the neighbors insisted I take at least one piece. One even offered me a bag.
I have a terrible sweet tooth. Everytime I buy something from the snack bar at Thursday Classes, it's almost always chocolate. If it's not chocolate, it's one of thoose mini cakes. If it's not a mini cake, it's usually something like starburst, skittles, mentos, etc. I'm starting to develop self control when it comes to sweet things, so maybe I won't be so bad with stealing candy from my kids. Maybe...

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