Monday, October 15, 2012


 I'm waiting for a lot of things.
1. I'm waiting for Halloween. I will not be going through my neighborhood this year, but I will be dressing up. That's half the fun! I will be a candy corn. It's going to be awesome.
2. I'm waiting for leaves. I want them to fall off the trees and cover the ground. Then, my dad can rake them, and make pile. So then I can sit in them and watch the day go by.
3. I'm waiting for cold weather. I have a new coat. Plaid with gray, black and red. It has a hood, and I LOVE the style of it. It is a bit heavy, better for cold weather. Alas, it is not quite cold enough, so I'm waiting for it to get cold enough so I may wear it.
4. I'm waiting for an idea to spark. An idea for what? Beats me. Just an idea.
5. I'm waiting for Thursday classes. For yearbook, I will be doing one of the mug pages, and I have a design idea, and I want to share with everyone in my yearbook class!
6. I'm waiting for November. That's when my last orthodontist appointment was. Here's how it went down. My doctor said I was looking really good. I don't have to wear rubber bands anymore. They said I should have one more appointment and then I might get my braces off! There's a possibility I'll get them off before Christmas! If I do, then I just want a BIG box of salt water taffy for Christmas.
7. I'm waiting for snow. I know. That's not happening for a while. But I can just imagine all that snow on the ground.
Well. That's it. A lot of things to wait for.

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