Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Heres a deleted paragraph from my book that I'm writing, Operation: D.A.D. the reason I didn't put it in the book is becaue I changed one tiny thing about the plot, and now it just doesn't fit. In the scene, Ali Davidson is walking down the street of Messy, Wyoming, and she's looking around. So here it goes:

Ali walked down the street sipping her Hot Cocca that she got from Starbucks. She passed a jewerly shop and she freezes and walks back toward the shop. The gold necklaces sparkle at her. "Well, there's no harm in LOOKING." She said and she pushed her way into the store.
Ali was dumbfounded by all the amazing jewerly, and their prices. She started to exit after quite a bit of time looking at them, but a women on a foot ladder caught her eye. It looked like she was instaling something into the wall. Ali walked over to check it out.
"Excuse me, what are you doing?" Ali asked. The lady looked down at her and smiled. "Well, at this time of year, Code Davidson stops here in out town." Ali gulped. She couldn't let this lady know she was Code Davidsons' daughter. She'd go ahead and call the police. "Who's he?" Ali asked...lying. "Well, he's a crook known all around the USA. So I'm installing this security system. It's illegal in every state except Texas!" Ali tried to avoid eye contact. Last time she had checked, they were in Wyoming, not Texas. Ali smiled politly and said. "well, it was nice to meet you, but I should be going." She said, and she ran out of there as fast as she could.

I hope you liked it. I wrote this myself, and I plan to get it published. So if you ever see a book called operation: D.A.D, by Rita Newman, BUY IT!

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