Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th! Due to some....problems....we weren't able to go to the carnival until today. We just got back. It was a great time. They had some new rides, but in exchange they got rid of some of my favorite rides, like the Star Ship, Pirate Ship, and Bumper Cars. Here is what I did, and how I felt.

Round-Up: It's basically the Star Ship. It spins so fast that you are stuck against the wall, but it tilts to the side, and it looks like a satellite.

Rock Star: There is a row of chairs. It rock from side to side and when it get to the top it goes back down and around. It does not go upside down.

Tornado: There is a group of four chairs and it basically goes around in a circle. I'd say it was kind of boring.

Ferris Wheel: Always a good time. I love the view when you get to the top.

Dels Lemonade: I got some Del's lemonade while I watched my sister and cousin do some bunge jumping.

Rock Star 2: My cousin and I went on this ride again.

Round-Up 2: Look above.

Ballon Darts: I love this game. I got three darts. I threw my first one and of course, it hit the only spot there weren't any ballons. The venter handed the dart back to me and said 'I'll give you another shot with this dart. Now if you're going to throw like a girl, throw like a big girl.' That kind of motivaded me and I popped ballons with all three of my darts. I got a pink dog with a heart that said 'I Love You'

Zipper: Never agian. No matter how much you beg me, I will not be going on this ride ever again. It's a log pole that turns. You get in a cage. The cage keeps flipping everywhere. It's so scary. My cousin and I agreed that we would go on togehter. We were screaming so loudly. When we got off, I was shaking, and scared, but I didn't feel sick. My cousin on the other hand...

Cotton Candy: I got Cotton Candy! What else is there to say?

Ducks: I had two dollars left after that, so I went to a game where you pick a duck, is it has a S, you get a small prize, M=Medium, L=Large, and XL=Extra Large. I got a L, so I picked a turtle.
It was a fun day at the carnival.

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