Monday, July 2, 2012


July 2nd, 2012. Two more days.
4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. The fireworks! The celebrations! Everything!
Today, we will be going to one of my favorite traditions, the carnival!
Every year we go to a carnival. They have rides and games that are always fun to do. I like trying a different thing each time. Last year I tried out a ride called the orbiter, and the year before I tried the Star Ship. I'm not sure what I will try this year. It just depends what's new.
I do know which ride I will be going on this year, I'm just not sure in what order, and some of them I'll probably go on twice.
Ferris Wheel (Classic)
Star Ship (It's awesome)
Orbiter (Extreme)
Hang Glider (It was surprisenly fun)
Bump Cars (Always a good time)
Pirite Ship (I may go further in the back this time)
Those are one I'll defainlly be going on. I may get there and see another ride that I forgot about and then I'll go on there as well. It jsut depends. Well, I must get ready for the day.

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