Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ah....good to be back at CBA. I get that good feeling, being around homeschoolers.

8:00-9:30- Well, my sisters first class is at eight, and mine, not until ten, So, I sat around doing...wait for it....NOTHING!!!!
Yearbook- Mostly talked about the color, along with some others things.
Pysical Science- I LOVE the teacher. She is awesome. We did two experiments, and she just throws us the supplies. She warned us about all the things when we got our copper wires: Don't touch them together, don't put them on your tounge, don't poke your eye with know she says these things because it's happened.
Oil Painting- We mostly talked about how to use the paints and gray scale.
Study Hall- I sate my sandwhich in two minutes because i was starving! Then I helped run the snack bar.
Guitar- and last but not least guitar. I'm in a class with different people so its a bit different, but not terribly so. It will be an interesting year.

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