Friday, February 10, 2012


Classes is normally the same except for the little surprises behind the corner, and there are a lot of them.
Guitar: I walked in and there were dividers and buckets on on side of the room so the table was vertical instead of horizontal. Mr. Abshire said it was like that when he came in. He asked how my week was, and I said pretty bad. We continued to work on bass lines.
Journalism: We got the middle school movement to put together. My two articles that made it in were My favorite winter activity and if vegetables could talk. Then we worked on acronyms. My partner and I looked through a car catalog for acronyms, and we found this car and underneath it said 'Be the Hamster!' We were like 'WHAT?!?!'
Watercolor: We did animal portraits. My friend said she's been waiting all year to do animals. I choose a Blue Jay, and I think it came out great.
Improv: When we played find the leader, I went out and when I came back in I took my three guesses. My last guess was wrong, but the guy I guessed was right next to the leader. I was so mad! We played charades, and I went up twice. The first time I went up was The Hunger Games, then I got the Never Say Never movie.
Volleyball: We all went into stations where we think we need the most work on. I went to sets, and then we scrimmaged.

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