Tuesday, February 28, 2012


February 28th, 2012. One week.
I spent too much time on screens I think. So I told myself  at the beginning of the year this: "Stop sitting in front of a glowing box and get outside in the sun!" I've been trying to get outside since but I haven't been that motivated. I know it's cold out. Personally, I'd rather been doing things outside when it's warmer than colder.
Yesterday was a perfect day, so I rode my bike around the block and did some sidewalk chalk. Today is colder, but I will be going outside.
To help keep me motivated I'm going post on Saturdays what I did each day of that week to get outside. The one exception is Thursday Classes. I have to be inside doing school and going from class to class, so I won't exactly get the chance to get outside. At least I'm not in front of a glowing box.

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