Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I must say, I've been sleeping well. It's quite abnormal for me.

My sleeping habits are pretty good. I say goodnight to everyone around nine. I stay up reading, writing in a journal or something for a half hour to forty-five minutes. Then I turn off my lights and go to sleep.
But I don't drift to sleep for another half hour to hour at least. Maybe it's because I have so much in my head or what. But I just can't go to sleep. Of course I do go to sleep, have some weird dream, and I wake up at least once in the night. Then I have to fall back asleep again, which can sometimes take awhile. Then I wake up in the morning, not wanting to get out of bed.

But lately, even with my excitements and thinking in my head, I've been getting great sleep! It's the same till I try to go to sleep. Then I've been falling asleep in ten minutes. I still wake up once, but I go back to sleep in an instant. Then I wake up refreshed.

Maybe I'm still recovering from staying up till 1:30 on new years, but I still managed to get about nine hours of sleep (I didn't wake up till ten). Maybe because it's the new year, my habits are changing when i don't even realize it. Or maybe because I'm spending less time off screens, it's providing a more restful sleep. All I know is I'm enjoying it.

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