Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well, after two years, it's finally here. Ok, it's not for another month, but with everything going on, it feels like it's here. My Confirmation.
Here's the deal. When we were baptized, our parents promised to help us grow in faith and to walk as a child of God. Now we're in eighth grade, and the time has come, where WE are taking our faith in our own hands. We decide how we are going to live in God. How we are going to recognize God in our everyday lives.
I was excited for this day since the 6th grade, but now that it's here....gosh. I'm making a promise to grow in faith by myself without any help. It's scary. But I think I'm ready. I feel I've taken my own faith and I'm doing what I will promise to do already. I feel I have been since the beginning of 7th grade.
It started when my dog died. I was devastated. But now, I see it happened for a reason. I got a new aspect on life. I started to recognize God around me and in everything I do. I now understand God has a plan for me, and he makes things happen, good and bad, to keep us on the right path. If my dog had NOT died, I'd probably still be where I was in the 6th grade. I wouldn't be ready for my Confirmation, I don't think.
Yes, I'm ready. I have to go to an interview with the Pastors at my church later, and I must prepare.

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