Friday, December 14, 2012


When I was in second grade, I thought up of a super hero named Solorbeam. She protects earth and she has a certain power relating to each planet. Ever since 2nd grade, I've changed it up a little bit. For example, Solorbeam now not only protects earth, she protect all the planets and the stars. She now has different powers that aren't related to each of the planets. Here are some of them:

Solarbeam: A violet line of light that can send a person flying several yards with such force they can break a brick wall.

Sun beam: A line of light that can blind and stun a person.

Milky Way: A stream of sky dust dazes a person and can cause them to hallucinate.

Flying: I don't have to explain this, do I?

Solor explosion: A explosion so powerful that when the light is released, it can destroy anything, including Solorbeam!

The there are the good guys and bad guys. Each planet has a representative, good or bad. Leader of the good guys? Solorbeam (a.k.a Lola Mickey) from earth. Leader of the bad guys? Jasper of Jupiter. Which leaves Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Good Guys! Vala from Venus, and Sachiel from Saturn. Solorbeam is the leader of their side and protector of the galaxy, so she's technically not from a planet. Solorbeam doe not have very good social skills though, she she doesn't have many people on her side. The moon is technically on their side.

Bad Guys! Macy from Mercury, Magnus from Mars, Ulan from Uranus, and Naz from Neptune. Jasper from Jupiter is their leader.

Earth is not part of this group because their minds would not be able to take the complication of space, and since the declared Pluto isn't a planet, they were banned from the order, so they're a neutral party, like the moon. Pluto is powerful, so if the good guys can get them on their side, they can win.
That's all!

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