Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Time has passed. A considerable amount, I might add. I have checked, and the last time I posted was February of this year. I just haven't been very motivated to make a blog post. But now I'm back. So what have I done in these past 10 months?

March- I turned fifteen and that has been so much better than being fourteen. It's been amazing.

April-We celebrated Easter up in Rhode Island and it was lovely seeing my grandparents, and other family members.

May-Stella had her fourteenth birthday. I've been trying to get along a little better with her.

June- I managed to complete freshman year of high school. It was tough, but I did it. Stella finished middle school so she was able to join the high school community. I got to see my first Baltimore Orioles game, and it was awesome. They won, which makes it even better.

July- This was the best. I got to go to the softball world series in Salisbury. Even though I had to get up at 5:45, and even though we didn't win, I had such a great time! And really, we made it halfway through the competition. Then about a week later, I got to see my first Washington National's game.

August- This was our relaxing month. But I did get to go to a falconry camp in Pittsburgh, and it was blast. I got to hold a Lanner Falcon, and it was one of the most exciting moment's of my summer. I later got to see the Pittsburgh Pirates beat the Miami Marlins. Later that month, Stella got to ring the national anthem at a National's game. I almost caught Jason Werths' three run homer, but it landed in the seat behind me.

September-We took our annual trip to Cape Cod and as usual, we had a great time. I started the 10th grade and Thursday classes started up. It felt great to see all my friends again and to start making some new one's as well.

October- For Halloween I dressed up as my made up superhero Solarbeam. I started to really focus on my school work. I am determined to get straight A's.

November-We decided to go camping for Thanksgiving. It was fun, but I think I left our camper a total of three times.

December-My Dad's birthday has come and gone, and today is Christmas. I have given gifts, like a Pirates jersey from my mom, and I've received great gifts, like Tardis socks in my stocking.

I plan to be a more vivid blogger this coming year.

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