Monday, June 4, 2012


Yesterday was the day. I got confirmed. I'm now in charge of my faith. Here is my day from yesterday.
On Saturday, we actually had a confirmation dinner, where all the confirmans and their families come for a dinner. My family and I shared a table with my friend and his family.
We shared our verses and what they meant to us. Sort of like our speeches. Every ones went well. Some lasted ten seconds, maybe less. Most lasted half a minute. One or two lasted nearly a minute....maybe two.
Well, I woke up the next day shaking, thinking 'This is it.'. I got up and got ready. I had to be there at ten, an hour before the service. So my mom and cousin went with me while my dad, sister, grandparents, and the rest of my cousins came about an hour later. I got in my robe and waited in the back of the church. We walked up the isle and into our pews. We walked up to the alter and knealed. We recieve our candles and we went back to the pews.

Of course, that was just the service. Afterwards we got panera and cupcakes and went home for some fun. I got a fancier charm braclet which is something I've always wanted. Yes, it was great.

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