Friday, June 8, 2012


Ah....summer. I'm not officially on summer break yet. I'm almost done with school though. This summer, instead of making a list of activities I want to do, I set myself two goals. I think I can do it.

Goal #1: Learn to Bat Left Handed
I am one-hundred percent right-handed. No doubt about it. Everything I do I'm doing it right handed. Writing, throwing, and batting. In softball, there is a hit called 'The Slap'. What you do, is when the ball is being pitched, you run toward it and sort of "slap" the ball. It normally does toward the Third Base man. Guess which batters normally do 'The Slap'. Left Handers. While Right handers can slap, it doesn't work as well. The ball would probably go toward the First base man, which is what we don't want. Nobody on our team is left handed. So I decided that over the summer, during sort of the break in the season, I was going to teach myself how to bat lefty. Of course, I would still be a righty, but also a lefty. It is said that:
1: Lefties tend to trip up the pitcher since there aren't a lot of them
2: Lefties are closer to first base then the righties, so they don't have to take an extra step
I think I can do it. I'm going little by little. Here is my plan
1: Find out what the batting stance for lefties is (Probably the same for righties\s, just in reverse)
2: Practice swinging leftie
3: Once it stops feeling weird, try hitting balls leftie
So there is Goal #1

Goal #2: WRITE!
The fact is, I have a lot of book ideas, and I'm still thinking of some! This normally wouldn't be a bad thing. But right now, it is. I'm not writing them fast enough. Remember that book idea I had back in April? Sandy Zendas? I have had four more book ideas since. One of them I thought of two days ago! So I also need to do A LOT of writing. I need to write like my life depends on it!

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