Monday, August 13, 2012


I know I ddin't do a profile yesterday, and I won't be doing that today either. You see, I was in Pittsburgh this weekend, and we got back this evening. Quite a fun trip. My photos are uploading, so during that time, I'll tell you what we did.
The day we left we went straight to a baseball game. Pirates vs Padres. It was exciting! Pirates won, 11 to 5. Ouch! Watching it made me a Pirates fan! Today we visited University of Pitt. I'm thinking about going there.

Well, my photos have finished. So here they are!

My Dad was sleeping and his mouth was open. I couldn't resit!
This is Kevin the pigeon.

The field! The crowd is staring to build!
My Hot Dog. I didn't realize how big it would be. I managed to eat it, but just barely.
Let the game begin. (Actually, it already started. Padres were leading by 5 points and the Pirites were having a pep talk.)
Later in the Game, the Padres catcher giving the pitcher advise, because the Pirites are coming from behind.
The Short stop brought the crowd to its feet when he hit the grand slam!
And the end of the game.
It was a fun trip.

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