Monday, March 5, 2012


March 5th, 2012. One last day.
Ahh...just have to survive today, and when I wake up tomorrow, I'll be fourteen. My last day of being thirteen. I can't wait. I feel like I will be an official teenager once I'm fourteen. Thirteen is teenage years as well, but for some reason fourteen seems like that's when it's official.
I remember when I turned three I got some froggy rainboots, and I loved them so much I exclaimed I was going to wear them to bed.
My 12th birthday was on a Saturday, and my 13th birthday was on a Sunday, so I thought "Sweet! I can sleep in a little on my birthday" those two years. Well, I wanted to at least sleep in till eight, but no, my sister had to wake me up at seven both years. Now I have to wait four years for my birthday to land on a weekend.
But I have tomorrow to look forward too. I can't wait!

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