Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Today is my moms' birthday. I love how she has been there for me all fourteen years of my life, and she always will be.
I made her a card (because homemade ones are the best) with a poem I wrote:
I know you'll be there
I feel safe in you arms
I know you'll protect me
From all of lifes harms
I got her a bracelet with tiny little stones strung on it, and in the middle a heart with a 'B' on it. I got it on our recent trip to Great Wolf Lodge. My sister and I went with a friend and his family, so it was a perfect time to see if I could find something for her birthday.
I walked in the gift shop and saw it, and it was the only one with a 'B' on it. Since I was planning to buy it the next day, I hid behind the same three necklaces that instead had the name 'Erin' on it to grantee it would still be there when I went back.
Anyway, I hope my Mom has an amazing birthday. I love her.

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