Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I enjoy the...simple things in life. The things people don't think about much. Christmas this past year, a lot of people were saying how they got all these cool gadgets. Me, none for me. I got simple, fun little things. The closest gift to technology I received was the CD. So, here are some simple little enjoyments I have.
Ah, my friends the penguins from the Aviary. I do know what kind of penguin they are, but it'd be wrong to share online. Ah a little pleasure I have.
There are my Moms iris's blooming in the garden. My favorite flower, especially if purple.
My side table of dogs. It's sort made to remember my two faithful dogs, Billie and Dodger.
Rick Riordan books. I have a whole shelf just for them. Obsession? Maybe....
Need I say more?
The piano is definably toward the top of the list of pleasures.
And of course, my camera. Oh, it is one of the greatest things ever.
I hoped you enjoyed this very much.

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