Monday, April 2, 2012


Number 7 on my list of things to do during Spring Time: Stop coming up of book ideas until I catch up a bit on writing. Well, I'm sorry to say I have not followed this one and it is now what I shall call 'Terminated'
I couldn't help myself.  I tried to stop myself, but once I start thinking, I can't stop. This new book, the beginnings of the idea were just so good it over came me. I had to continue.
Sandy Zendas is the main characters name, and she and her twin brother Andy will go on an adventure they will never forget. That's all I'll say about this new book. Ah, the art of leaving people hanging....
It's hard to describe how I think of book ideas. I don't try to think of one, I let them come to me. They come to me at the strangest times. One of my best book ideas I thought of while staring at the ceiling trying to sleep. Another one looking out the car window. They come at times when I'm alone and I have time to think to myself. For example, another book idea I thought of during the church sermon. But I've never had an idea come during classes. There is WAY to much going on there for me to possibly focus.
Well, I'll let you all go now.

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