Saturday, April 7, 2012


Crazy. Fun. Sad. Awesome. Some words to describe the last day of Thursday Classes for the year. I will dearly miss all of my friends there. I don't think I can survive till September. I've thought about some classes for next year, but I will get to that later. For now, here is my last post about classes for some time.

Guitar: Well, Mr. Abshire gave us back our finial test, and for the most part we jammed and talked about cellos, dogs, and comedians.

Journalism: We put together the very last issue of the Middle School Movement. Then we played 'Man Bites Dog'. Basically Mrs. Branham gives each pair five cards. Each card has a word that is worth points. You try to make a headline that makes sense out of the words you are given. Some of the headlines included 'Singer Burns Fake Lady' and 'Blind Actress Runs of with Mob Boss'

Watercolor: We had our finial test for water color. A sky wash. Then we showed the class one of our best and favorite paintings. I got the whole class to sign a card for out teacher, Mrs. Norman, and she loved it.

Improv: I lost rock paper scicors for the second time in a row, and for the forth time, maybe fifth, this semester. Penalty each time: You must sing the Improv song. I must say it felt special to lose this time because I was one of the last four people to sing the Improv song for the year.

Volleyball: We had our game against the set up crew. It was us smaller, skinny girls vs the TALL ( I mean tall) high school guys. Yet, the team I was on, team 1, managed to beat them. Yay!

So that was the last day. I do have some idea of the classes I want to take next year....
Physical Science is a definite yes. So is Guitar if I can fit it into my schedule. Oil Painting is a probably. Volleyball depends on my other classes and when I manage to get a study hall.  And Yearbook is a maybe. I'll decide on that one AFTER the orentation this Thursday.

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