Friday, April 13, 2012


Sitting. That is what I've been doing recently. I'm doing it now. On Friday we went to  Rhode Island to see our grandparents, and the trip is seven hours. So I sat nearly all day on Friday.

On Saturday my grandma handed me a collection of three DVD's called 'Mr. Bean'. It was so funny that my sister and I sat in front of the TV all day watching them all.

Sunday was Easter, so I sat by my Easter basket most of the day and ate all my jellybeans and most of my chocolate.

Monday my Mom said 'Hey, let's go see the Hunger Games today!' So we sat in the car half an hour to get to the theater, then we spent two hours in the theater (good movie by the way) and then we sat for another half and hour on the way back.

I can't remember what I did Tuesday, but it probably involved some sitting.

Wednesday we sat in the car another seven hours on our way home.

Then yesterday we had to go o the orientation for Thursday Classes. We drove there,sat through an orientation, then we sat to eat at McDonalds, then we drove back, then we sat through three orientations, then we drove to Sears, then we drove BACK to the orientation, I sat while Stella sat through two more orientations, then we drove to collage park, then we drove home.

Today we drove here to Havre de Grace which took at least an hour, and so far I've been sitting here reading or something. Hope your day doesn't involve as much sitting as my week.

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