Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have quite a few hobbies that I enjoy. One of my favorites is one I've been since the beginning of first grade. Softball. It is one of my favorite things, by far. I love how the adrenaline rushes through you when you're running from base to base, the sound the ball makes when it whams into the glove, and the feeling of pleasure you get when you the ball you hit goes sailing into the outfield. I love these things of softball.

Today we had a double header. two back to back games with only a five minute break in between the two. Barely enough time to eat your sandwich. we won the first game easily. Although we didn't win the second game, we played a great game.

My positions are catcher, and outfield. To day, I played catcher for all the innings in the first game, and all but two in the second game. It's quite tiring to be out there in the sun with all that equipment on and basically doing a bunch of squats over and over again. It is quite fun though. You got to be a brick wall. Let nothing get behind you.
I can't wait for our next double header.

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