Friday, March 16, 2012


Everyone has a special link at classes. Although you may not personally know everybody there, everyone there is friends with everyone.

Guitar: In guitar we mostly reviewed on some of the basic things, since there will be a test in two weeks. Our homework, is to do something with our guitar, as long as we DON'T smack someone in the head with, even though it can be tempting.

Journalism: In journalism we had to bring in a comic strip that we read and enjoy. It wasn't a surprise when more than one person brought in the same comic strip. Four people brought in Peanuts. Three people did Garfield. I did Pearls Before Swine. Someone did Baby Blues, someone did Pickles, and someone did Foxtrot. That's all I can remember. Then we talked about Editorial Cartoons. We have to do one that homeschooling middle schoolers can relate too.

Watercolor: We went down to the farm right next to the church we have classes and we got to paint whatever we wanted (as long as we didn't get in the way ). My friends Erin, Emile and I painted the chickens. When we first got there, the chickens thought we had food so they all crowded around the fence and they were really loud. Then they figured out we didn't have food so the started walking off.

Improv: In Improv we played a new game. Mrs. Abbot chooses a fairy tale. She figures out how many characters we need and she calls up that many volunteers. Then they have to reenact it in One minute Thirty seconds. Then they do it again but in a minute. Then thirty seconds, fifteen seconds, and last but not least, five seconds. You can image how crazy it is when it gets down to five seconds. I was Little Red Riding Hood, and when it got down to fifteen seconds, Ibi, who was the woodsman, decided it would be quicker to just shoot the wolf with a gun, than to walk up and chop off it's head.

Volleyball: We played against Hampshire View. our team almost beat them. We lost by two points. most of the kids in study hall came out to watch us play. It was a fun day.

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